Custom-Designed Packaging


Our team will work with yours to design custom molds to fit your product perfectly and provide maximum protection. 

Short Lead Times


The powerful mycelium fibers grow throughout the wood shavings within your custom mold to create ready-to-use packaging for your product within 7 days. 

100% Home Compostable 

Rooted Carbon packaging is Cradle to Cradle gold certified and fully composts in soil within 30 days without the need for chemicals or specialty composting facilities.

 Rooted Carbon 

Protection Without Pollution


Why reduce waste when you can eliminate it all together?


100% compostable packaging to protect your products.

Leveraging the natural strength and flexibility of mycelium (the structural component of mushrooms) and the renewable resource of wood shavings, Rooted Carbon provides a sustainable packaging solution.  

A packaging solution that meets your needs


Home Compostable


Fit For Purpose



Wood shavings + Mycelium 

A sustainable and cost-competitive alternative to plastic and styrofoam packaging, grown at an industrial scale in any shape and a variety of sizes.

As mycelium grows throughout wood shavings, it creates a web of strong thread-like filaments called hyphae that can be grown into virtually any shape for versatile packaging. Our licensing partner, Ecovative Design, has developed patented biotechnology to grow durable packaging using the power of mycelium. 

The Earth's forests are the most effective carbon capture solution on the planet. Rooted Carbon drives demand for sustainably managed forests which sequester more carbon than unmanaged forests. Without demand, these lands are at risk to be cleared for alternative uses such as agriculture and development. 

Why mycelium?

Why wood?

Our Mission


Rooted Carbon was founded with the singular goal of preserving and expanding the world's forests through the development of next-generation forest products. Our unique packaging solution not only combats the use of fossil-fuel-based incumbents like plastic and styrofoam, but also provides an economic incentive to move to sustainability at all points in the packaging supply chain.